New year, who dis?

New year, new me… nah, that’s not me!

New Years resolutions are something I’ve never been able to keep to commit to, I usually set goals and mark my milestones but resolutions, I’ve just never been able to commit to them.

Having said that however, this year I’ve resolved to (see what I did there!) simplify my wardrobe and steadily move towards decluttering it. I’ll never be a minimalist, I mean come on, have you seen the pretty things out there? What I hope to do is challenge myself to put together multiple outfits out of one of two items in my wardrobe especially when I’m on vaycay – I tend to take my entire wardrobe along and then end up only wearing two or three items.

This week I’m off to the North West with the fam for a much needed break and I’ve packed my off-the-shoulder dress hoping to create four looks with the help of some accessories and one other items during my time here in the land of platinum.

I spotted the material for this at a friend’s house – they were using it as a tablecloth but I knew an amazing outfit was waiting to be made and less about three years later I had the dress made especially for Delicious Festival. I soon discovered its versatility and can’t wait to share the looks I’ve put together with it.

For the first look, I paired it with my tassel earrings from Yato Jewellery Studio and my silver bow slides from Woolies.


slide into summer festivals 

This season’s trendy slider is my new favourite summer item.

I found these lovely silver bow cuties in Woolworths for R299. My sister and niece loved them too and suggested I put together some festival looks that will show off their versatility. So here are my five festival looks inspired by these super cute slides. 

Wine festival 

These are my favourite festivals by far – I’m not a wine snob of any sorts but I enjoy sipping the day away. 

Comfort is key at most festivals (unless of course you’re keeping it VIP) and what’s more comfy than jeans? I really wish Torrid would open up a location in South Africa so I can add to my jean collection. 

I’m still into my crops and I’ve added my kimono and my statement earrings to finish off the look. 

Jazz festival 

It took a bit of convincing from my sister a few years ago and now I’m hooked on jazz festivals. 

I feel that jazz warrants a bit of glam and pizzaz right? Thanks to FBO Clothing for this H&M sequin mini, I’ll always have a bit of sparkle when I need it.  

There is a lot of walking as you move from stage to stage between performances so the slides are perfect to keep you going all night. 

2-day music and food festival 

Apart from the great food and music at these festivals, I love that I get to plan 2 looks for one event.

I had these pants made for a wedding 2 years ago and I still love rocking them.

The pockets are my favourite part because it means I don’t need a big bag for the day.

I love to show out on the second day of the festival weekend.

 My friend got me the crop top while she was thrifting one day and I absolutely love it.

The skirt is actually a hand-me-down from my sister – I love that’s it’s totally on trend with its sheer feel and double slits. 

Literary festival 

I’m not just about the turn-up life, I’m really just a nerd who likes to have fun occasionally. These kind of festivals are a great place to meet the authors behind my favourite titles as well as discover new favourites.

I got this amazing maxi H&M L.O.G.G. maxi from FBO Clothing and it’s been one of my greatest finds from the store.

In this flowy number, I feel like I can sashay through the event and mingle with some great literary minds while I’m at it. 

Summer fashion is always fun and I love how one item can create a number of looks. 

Issa wedding vibe!

Summer has officially arrived and with it, wedding season has officially kicked in. 

I absolutely love weddings – watching two people in love pledge their lives and hearts to each other – but my other favourite part of the ceremony is the fashion. You can dress up and go all out to showcase your style (within the bride’s limits of course). 

Sadly, my inbox has not seen a single wedding invite this year but with all the wedding outfits all over my social media timelines, I was inspired to create four looks you can rock with the latest addition to my summer range. 

Nkosazana, (princess in isiZulu) is the latest neckpiece to be added to my summer range and is a great addition to any accessories collection. Thanks to a collaboration with crafters of Cape Town based brand, sintusethu – these gorgeous pieces are now available from me. 

I’ve put together a casual and formal look for a traditional dress code as well as a day and night look for a black tie dress code. I’ve always believed in following the invite’s dress code but I always try to slip in a bit of my African flare every chance I get. 

One of my favourite trends this wedding season is that most couples are choosing to celebrate their nuptials with only a traditional affair which means guests don imvunulo (traditional gear) in full effect or like me with a bit of a twist. 

My first of the traditional looks is perfect for the full on traditional wedding with i-step and all. 

The most important part of this look is the shoe as comfort is key when you’re partying all day.

My late mother had a lovely selection of traditional accessories and I was grateful to get a hold of the sandals I’m wearing – perfect for i-step. 

For the more formal setup, I swopped the sandals for a comfy block heel. 

This means I can still enjoy the party and dance the night away.

If all else fails, you can always take them off when the party begins no one will judge.

I don’t believe beadwork and so-called white weddings are mutually exclusive. In my humble opinion, beads belong everywhere. I recently received a black jumpsuit from my friends at FBO Clothing and I’ve discovered it’s quite versatile – with the right accessories, it can transition smoothly from day to evening. 

The first look is for a day wedding – the wedges are fun and edgy but still give you a well put together look. 

I opted for my cowrie shell studs (available as part of my summer range) as they don’t fight for attention with the neckpiece. 

I’ve always been wary of jumpsuits but with the right underwear, they’re a win.


For the evening look, I swopped the wedge for a lace up heel and added a box clutch. 

Like I said, jumpsuits are versatile, with a strapless bra and an adjustment of the sleeves, I’m right on trend with an off-the-shoulder. 

With this look, you’ll definitely get a nod of approval of from the bride and will have no chance of ruining her wedding photos. 

Weddings are fun celebrations of love and the uniting of families. As a wedding guest, it’s also a great place to play around with what you already have in your wardrobe and switch it up with a few accessories. 
**Nkosazana is available in various amazing colour combos for R450.**

Doek Tutorial 2: Juicy Top Knot 

My first attempt at this doek style was an epic fail. 

So when I decided to celebrate Women’s month with doek styles from 50 Shades of Duku, I definitely had to give the juicy top knot another go. Looking at the final result, I can safely say: I am winning! 

The challenge with this style is securing the ‘bun’ if like me, you have a TWA. Thankfully 50 Shades of Duku author, Ofentse Tsipa, has found a way around this little problem. Have fun with it and don’t forget to tag me, @50shadesofduku and @truthepopup in your doek selfies to stand in line to win our amazing hamper. 

1. Create your bun shape from a pashmina. However, if you’re like me and happen to have crochet braids lying around, make a bun from that. 

2. Secure the bun on the crown of your head. 

3. Use the doek to cover your head and the ‘bun’ from the back of your head and pull the ends forward.

4. Cross the ends over each other and make sure the bun is secure and in place. 

5. Begin twisting each end until taut.

6. Wrap each twist in the opposite direction around the bun and tuck the twists under each other to secure. 

Stay winning! 

Doek tutorial 1: Two Toned Knot

When I read that this doek style is for days when you want to express yourself through colour, I knew I had to try it out.

50 Shades of Duku author, Ofentse Tsipa, said that this doek style can be worn as a side knot with the knot placed a little behind the ear. However, you can also rock it as a low bun with the knot placed at the back of the neck. 

I opted to share a tutorial for the option shown in the book – where the knot is placed at the front of the head – for that dramatic effect of course. 

I used my red and yellow Tsonga materials for this doek style as they are my go-to for when I want to stand out without adding more accessories to my look. 

The end result is really beautiful and is a great play on colour just like Ofentse promised. 

1. Start off with your two doeks. As you’ll be layering them, decide which one you’d like to show off as the centre of attention.

2. Place one doek over your entire head, make sure the middle of the doek is at the nape of your neck. Pull the fabric forward. 

3.  I began to twist the first doek slightly to secure it in place. Repeat step 2 with the second doek.

4. To make easier for myself, I began to twist the ends of the two doeks first before twisting them together. 

5. Now begin to twist the ends of the doeks together right until the bottom of the doeks. 

6. Twirl the two-toned twist in a circular motion above your forehead to create the knot. You’ll have to pull the knot a little tight ensure that it is secure and tuck in the ends under the knot to secure. 

Now go out and slay queen! 

Don’t forget to share your headwrap selfies on Instagram and Facebook and tag @icherryefresh, @truthepopup and @50shadesofduku to stand in line to win an amazing hamper worth over R500. 

Adjust your crown queen 

The last three months have been quite a rollercoaster – between having my car stolen, getting older and general adulting ups and downs, I’m glad to welcome in a new month. 

Here in Mzansi we celebrate women throughout August. This is because on August 9, we commemorate and celebrate the thousands of South African women who, in 1956, staged a march on the Union Buildings in Pretoria to protest against the proposed amendments to the Urban Areas Act.

What history reminds us with this march is the power in the unity of women. The 1956 march was a success which saw women from as far as the Eastern and Western Cape travel to Gauteng to join in. Women from all walks of life came together in solidarity to stand in defiance of yet another law which would further undermine their dignity.

Seeing the images from the march especially the iconic image of Rahima Moosa, Lilian Ngoyi, Helen Joseph, and Sophie Williams always does the rounds on social media when August 9 comes around and all I kept thinking to myself (without any attempts to undermine the cause) when I see the photo is: “if I only I was half as stylish as these women, even at a protest, they manage to look like absolute queens”

And so in celebration of queens throughout August, I’ve partnered with 50 Shades of Duku, a step-by-step doek tutorial book by Ofentse Tsipa, as well as my friends at TRU to share a 30-Day celebration of the doek. I’ve selected 30 doek styles from Ofentse’s book and will be bringing you one style each day with a special doek for the 31st! 

Each Wednesday I’ll be posting my doek #WCW and on Fridays I’ll share my favourite style with a step-by-step guide from the book. 

Thanks to the generous folks at TRU as well as 50 Shades of Duku author, Ofentse Tsipa, I have a hamper consisting of: a signed copy of the book, a doek from TRU and as well as icherryefresh accessories. In order to stand a chance to win this hamper worth over R500, tag @icherryefresh, @truthepopup and @50shadesofduku in your doek selfie – the more selfies you post and tag us, the higher your chances of winning. Competition open to followers in SA only. Winner will be notified and announced on September 1. 

Zithande beyps! 

“I need to be selfish.” 

When these words come from a potential boyfriend, anyone’s initial reaction would be panic and devastation. 

Ok maybe I speak only for myself because frankly I was shocked as I heard these five words and thought: “how can being selfish be a good thing?” 

A part of me immediately dismissed this notion but over time when the anger and disappointment of things not working out finally left me – I got it. He was right – prioritising oneself is key because you can’t give from a proverbial empty cup. 

Self-care is an essential part of our well being. It’s important to pay attention to yourself as it helps you to feel more connected to yourself and those around you. 

This month, because it’s my birthday month, I’ve made a decision to be kinder to my self and have some self-care activities which I hope you can also adopt in your self-care routine:

  • Unwind – tea makes it all ok – add some lemon and mint and some delish biscuits and you’re good to go.

  • Escape – my budget doesn’t allow for weekends away so I’ve chosen the more affordable way – I read. 

  • Mediate – I find this one challenging. It’s hard for me to quieten the mind but if you can take a few minutes each day to reflect, it all adds up. 

  •  Pamper – painting my nails while watching something on TV is a nice way to treat myself. From soaking, to scrubbing then moisturising my feet – it’s really the little things. 

  • Treat – a good glass of red, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate and spicy snacks are my go to after an exhausting day. Whatever the problem is, I’ll find the solution at the end of the glass. 

  • Write – ever since grade 6 English class, I’ve been keeping a journal. Writing helps me to ‘talk’ about my feelings without any judgement. I also love reading back past entries and giggle about some of the crazy things I’ve overcome. 

  • Record – count your blessings. Last year I read about keeping a good things jar and I started one this year. Each time something good happens, I write it on a sticky note and place it in the jar – when the year ends I’ll open it up and look back at all the lovely things that have happened. 

  • Listen – music is an amazing way to help lift the spirit. Despite the mood I’m in, when certain songs come through the speakers, I immediately feel good. 

  • Unplug – switch the phone off, go outside and watch the clouds float by. 

When self-care becomes part of your routine, you’ll feel less stressed; you become happier and are able to deal with situations more positively. Luckily good vibes are contagious so the people around you will be grateful too.

Please share some of your self-care activities with me so I can add them to my list. 

Work and play! 

I left the office life two years ago but I remember the struggle of looking professional, cute and staying warm during winter.

Knitwear is a fun addition to the wardrobe and it can be dressed up to give you a more office appropriate look. 

FBO Clothing has given me a few items from their newly unpacked winter range and I’ve put together some looks that will hopefully inspire you to slay in the boardroom.

The key to any wardrobe is investing in staple pieces with a higher price tag so they move not only from season to season but stay with you over the years. Most of the items I’ve styled with the knits from FBO Clothing are well over 5 years old but I can still rock them and will keep doing so for a long time. 

Fridays were my favourite days at the office, I loved that I could dress down and be able to put together a look that can go straight into the weekend. 

THE LOOK: Striped jersey, FBO Clothing; Boyfriend jeans, TORRID; Patent brogues, Melton jacket and Hat, Woolworths; Socks, Cotton On; Drawstring bag, Trenery; Zuzi earrings, icherryefresh

I was barely in the corporate space but I’ve noticed over the years that fashion is starting to loosen up and making way for a more relaxed look in some offices. 

I’m a creative so I’ll never go fully power suit but I think I’d be taken seriously in this ensemble. 

THE LOOK: Striped batwing jersey, FBO Clothing; Leggings with pleather detail, Donna; Black and White pointy wedges, Melton jacket and Bag, Trenery; Shades, Woolworths, Neckpiece, YATO Jewellery Studio and Wig, TRU 

Office wear doesn’t have to be boring and glitter makes everything fun. Who says you cannot sparkle in the office?

THE LOOK: Silver jersey, FBO Clothing; Pencil skirt and Bag, Trenery; Peep toe heel and Parka, Woolworths; Wig, TRU and neckpiece; from my mama 

The jersey under my pleather skater skirt is asymmetrical – I’m not a fan of this hemline so I opted to hide it under a skirt. I added a headwrap and beaded accessories because after all, I’m a working woman in Africa. 

THE LOOK: Asymmetrical jersey, FBO Clothing; Pleather skirt and Stockings, City Chic; Black and White pointy wedges and Bag, Trenery; Melton jacket, Woolworths; Indoni choker and Nefertiti earrings, icherryefresh and headwrap from my personal collection

I’m told black is slimming but the reason I love it is because of the canvas it creates for a look. I can add my accessories without feeling like it’s overdone. 

THE LOOK: Black V-neck  jersey, FBO Clothing; Pencil skirt and Melton jacket, Woolworths; Black and White pointy wedges, Trenery; headwrap, neckpieces, earrings, bag and bangles from my personal collection

Even though I haven’t been in an office environment in a while, I occasionally dust off the blazers and pencil skirts and amaze people and myself. Winter clothing can be bulky but with some planning, your looks can still be simple but still striking.

Going organic and not looking back 

May is gone and the TRU 30-day skin challenge is over. 

I must admit I didn’t think I would last the full 30 days. I thought by day 10 I’d be back to my old products and all the organic products would be long forgotten. But I’m happy to report that I stuck with it and I’m glad I did.

During the last few days of the challenge I must admit that the skin around my neck started to feel tight (I used the black soap to wash both my face and neck). I continued to only use the soap on my face and it’s been fine since. I’ve also used the soap to wash my hair and it’s proven to be the best option as it thoroughly cleans my oily scalp. 

I’m pleasantly surprised that the Moringa infused serum has been able to keep my face hydrated as winter set in fully. I’m happy to report that my skin is glowing and not shining and that’s the looking any woman goes for. 

I’m almost out of out the shea butter and will have to restock soon. It’s been a pleasure to use on my body and hair and I suddenly can’t imagine my life without it. 

I’m officially a convert. I always believed that the solution to my glowing skin and strong hair was inside a bottle or tub made in a lab somewhere by folks in white coats. 

My mom would often suggest natural remedies for various ailments and although those worked, I just wasn’t entirely convinced when it came to skin and hair products. 

Here are the 5 lessons I’ve learned from my challenge: 

1. Not all shea butters are equal. The shea butter from TRU is 100% certified organic Nilotic unrefined butter. This means it is creamy, soft and easy to apply onto the skin unlike its western cousin which has been described as hard and waxy.

2. Top to toe is the way to go. I was a happy to find out that I can use TRU’s shea butter on my hair, face and body – this means I don’t have to have 3 separate tubs for moisturising. 

3. Moringa is not a slimming tea. I learned that the Moringa plant is indigenous to many African countries including South Africa. It’s highly rich in vitamins and minerals. TRU has made their serum by infusing grape seed oil with the Moringa powder making it an excellent moisturiser for acne prone skin like mine. 

4. African Black soap is magical. The soap, which originates from West Africa, has a myriad of benefits including anti-aging, evening out of and fading skin discolourations (including acne scars) thus improving skin tone. It is a mild exfoliate with deep cleansing action and has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties; this helps with soothing skin inflammation and irritations.

5. Once you go organic, there’s no turning back. I’m completely sold on TRU’s product range. I will continue with the range and hopefully I will rid my skin of acne, discolouration as well as acne scars. 

This challenge has helped me get into a good skin routine and I’m very happy with that. I hope to continue with TRU’s products and cannot wait to post my selfies when summer comes along. 

TRU’s products are available directly from them via Facebook, TRU: The Pop Up as well as Instagram, @truthepopup and you can also place your orders via WhatsApp on 084 882 6558. They are also available at the following salons in Jozi: Indalo Nubian Naturals, 77 Commisioner Street and Defhairnition Salon, cnr Fereirra and Commisioner Streets. 

Groovy baby!

I’m nostalgic.

It’s a blessing and at times longing for what was can be a burden but every once in a while, it’s great to look back.

When I told my photographer friend about the idea I had for the winter shoot in collaboration with FBO Clothing, he immediately knew where to go for us to pull off my 70s winter fashion shoot.

When we arrived at his childhood home in Daveyton, I knew we were going to create some nostalgic magic. I roped in TRU and their amazing range of their soon-to-launched wigs and I was ready to take it back to one of my favourite decades.

Winter is a difficult season for me because although it’s my favourite time of the year, the fashion can be cumbersome and in turn unbecoming, I love the layering but each year I end up looking more like a bag lady than a diva. 

I really wish I’d made a better choice for my bottom for this look I rocked at a recent networking event; I’d also be serving chic like my friend Margaret.

Dressing up for events in winter can be challenging (see above). I had to make things right so I paired this sequin ensemble (H&M MAMA top and Jane Norman skirt) with stockings from Donna, wedges from TORRID and a curly wig from TRU. Naturally you’ll throw your cute coat over the look before you leave the house and the upside about the wig is that you don’t need a hat to keep your ears warm.

The maxi dress is summer’s blessing to winter. It’s one of the items we don’t have to pack away once the cold winds start blowing. Like I mentioned in my Last daze of summer post, I love idea of pairing heels with socks or in this case stockings. This H&M floral maxi is perfect with my Call It Spring cork platforms. I know my thrifted bead purse is from two decades before the 70s but if you’re going to walk down memory lane, might as well wonder right? I finished off the look with the amazing headpiece from YATO Jewellery Studio. 

I think my attraction to the 70s is all this sequin and hair. Winter needn’t be dull and this fun H&M sequin mini speaks to that. I’ve paired it with a pair of stockings from City Chic and with my trusty Woolworths denim jacket over the shoulders and Zara box clutch in tow I’m ready to dance the night away in my TORRID wedges. This TRU wig was hard to part with – I’ve named it Pinky and hope to be rocking my very own soon.

It’s funny to think that I’ve only been wearing pants and jeans for five years – I honestly didn’t think they looked good on me but I eventually gave in to a pair and haven’t looked back. My sister got me these bootleg jeans from GAP a few years ago and I finally have a chance to rock them.
For this look, I paired them with the platforms and stockings combo as well as this crossover strap Zara top. The top is so cute and the first Zara item that I found in FBO that fits me. The earrings are from my upcoming Spring/Summer range. I added the thrifted clutch to match the heels.

Next up with the jeans is a cute grey sweater from FBO. I accessorised with my old MR Price feather earrings, bright pink crossbody bag I picked up at market in South Korea ages ago, my YATO headpiece and white and gold Call It Spring wedges. 

I love yellow in every shade and mustard is no exception. I must admit I wasn’t sold when the team at FBO pulled this top from the rack of goodies for this shoot but it’s definitely going to be a staple in my wardrobe. My thrifted bag collection is ever growing and I seem to have luck in finding them in a variety of colours and textures. The headpiece and neckpiece from YATO pulls this look together perfectly. 

The second Zara find to fit me is this this slouch t-shirt with zip detail. It’s a simple but edgy look with a touch of badass. I added my Woolworths jacket with stud details, Zara box clutch, TORRID wedges and stole the photographer’s shades to finish off the look.

This year I summoned the fashion powers of Chaka Khan, Diana Ross and Donna Summer and will confidently get through winter in style.