welcome to echerryefresh!

I’d love to tell you that you’re reading my first ever blog post but I’d be lying.

My first ever blog post was way back in 2009 when I wrote for an online publication about my experiences as an African woman living in Asia, my second was for my (now defunct) blog about my thoughts and opinions and the subsequent posts that followed were written while I was working as a senior journalist for local newspapers over the last three years. So unfortunately I can’t say this is my first ever blog post…

Although I’ve started to blog in the past, I never seemed to stick with it but I hope because of what echerryefresh means to me, I’ll see it through all the way.

When I first toyed with the idea of blogging, I was interested in what was happening in the space of plus size fashion blogs. Although at the time when the idea first crossed my mind, a plus size fashion blogger was somewhat an enigma in Mzansi as well as across the continent and I could find plus size fashion bloggers in the diaspora. However, recently I’ve seen a number of local blogs aimed at plus size women where our bodies are celebrated and appreciated. I’ve been discouraged from entering the space of fashion blogging (plus size or otherwise) the most common reason being the seemingly frivolous nature of discussing clothing and although I understand where this train of thought comes from, I’ve also realised how important all things fashion are as they speak to, amongst others, body and image issues, identity, culture and even politics! 

Those who know me well are aware of my #FittingRoomSelfie feature on my personal Facebook and Instagram pages which started as a quirky way of showing my love for fashion and deciding what to purchase without having to commit to anything before some advice from friends who view the items in question. Posts like that have often led to me hearing things like “You should start a blog.” or “Have you ever considered a blog?” and so here it finally is.

What I hope to achieve through my blog is to speak to a woman who like me plans an outfit as soon as she has plans of leaving the house (yes going to buy airtime at the garage deserves an outfit) but isn’t just interested in pretty clothes but loves art in all its various forms ranging from photography, music, film to literature; will once in a while unleash her inner Siba and cook up a storm; and loves celebrating being an African right here right now. 

So welcome I hope you enjoy what I hope will be a journey that is exciting, engaging, entertaining and most of all efresh!