Amathoughts afresh: Siyabonga, 31 

I still remember the day I turned 29 – the first thing I did was start the official countdown to my 30th birthday.

I was so excited about finally reaching my 30s although I didn’t know what being in my third decade would mean, I just got excited at the thought of leaving behind my 20s and finally saying to people “I’m 30.” 

I think at the back of my mind I was looking forward to finally coming into my adulthood and settling into it. 

In my 20s I had met a woman who was 32 at the time and as I was lamenting relationship woes she told me that as a I get older, I’ll learn to deal with matters of the heart better. 

“Don’t worry Siya, by the time you reach my age, you’ll stop sweating the small stuff. The things you worry about so much now, won’t even matter hey.”

She was right. Although it wasn’t like some miraculous fairy godmother moment where I suddenly had this air of nonchalance about me but I’m slowly moving towards that.

I remember reading these funny lists that get circulated over the Internet about 30 things to do when you’re 30 or 30 things every 30-year old should know or 30 telltale signs that you’re 30 – I’d read them and think “I clearly have a long way to go” 

Then when I started chatting to people who were approaching or have already reached the 30 milestone, I realised that although these goals and achievements were a great way to map out the next steps of your life, don’t feel like an absolute failure if you don’t tick all the boxes. 

I’ve learned that if you don’t have the corner office, 4×4 or that estate property it’s ok. Still single with no children? That’s ok too. You’re still figuring out what your next move is because you’ve quit your job? Perfectly fine. 

Your 30s are not a destination, you’re still on your journey and this is just a stopover – enjoy it! 

Spotted this list that was shared by one of my friends on Facebook and I thought I’d go through it seeing as I’m 4 years away from 35:
1. It’s a struggle but it does help to actually have savings in your savings account! 
2. I’ve always thought it’s impossible because I’d decided that “you can’t control these things” then I realised that you always have a choice and being picky with who you spend your time with is totally justified! 

3. Tricky for me – I like my roommates mostly because we’re related! At this point I should own property but I don’t, so what? 

4. Thankfully I have never been encouraged to accumulate it so that’s one aspect I have handled! 

5. It was given to me 31 years ago and I’m still taking care of it! 

6. I thank God and the ancestors for the people I’ve had and still have in my life – they inspire me every single day.

7. See number 6.

8. A little bit of sexy never hurt anyone – B wasn’t lying about digging in the wardrobe for that freakum dress and killer heels. 

9. It’s not easy but it’s not impossible. I’ve also accepted that the child in me isn’t going anywhere either! 

10. Yes but don’t forget to live in the present because it’s what you have certainty of. 

What I’ve come to realise is that 30 isn’t a destination but a stop along the journey and I’m definitely enjoying it! 


Queening in a Midrand Spa Oasis

Tucked away in Midrand is a lovely oasis where you can unwind, relax and be completely pampered. 


The little details are the things that make all the diffrence.


My sis and I loved the decor especially the little quirky vinyl stickers on the walls.


My sis and I found Mmathibedi Eco Spa while browsing through Groupon specials and we booked ourselves the Package for Two which saw us receive a foot scrub, full body massage with hot stone therapy and we ended the day off with a light lunch.

What I’m always wary of when I get to a spa, I get depressed when I walk into the change rooms as I know that the robes will never fit and I’ll always have to ask for a llarger size (which usually isn’t available) but i was happy to be offered a bib in addition to the robe which ensured I had full coverage and had no fears of flashing anyone!


I was loving the huge mirror for my mirror selfies! The bib and robe had me feeling stylish!


This is the reason I couldn’t leave and the reason I’ll be back!


Our therapists, Kgabo and Lerato were so welcoming and warm we ended up chatting like old friends while we were halfway into our foot treatment. The foot scrub did not only include lathering up our toes with an all natural scrub but we also had a foot massage which came when we needed it after a weekend at the Joy of Jazz. 

My twinkle toes were in a good place!


The scrub and moisturiser that Kgabo and Lerato used on us – they wouldn’t give away the secret ingredients though!


We were then ushered into one of the massage rooms where my sister and I gave a sideways look at the stones in the ‘steam cooker’ wondering if they were going to be warmed up and then placed on our backs. The full body massage and hot stone therapy helped ease out all the tension in the muscles that had spent the weekend gallivanting Jozi nightlife and left us both wondering why we hadn’t booked one of these earlier! 

The tranquil setting already set the mood for the down time we’d experience.


These hot stones had us worried but as soon as they were placed on our backs, the stress melted away.

We were served a light lunch of lightly seasoned grilled chicken with a side salad and some juice; with bubbly on offer. 

For once I didn’t wish I had a side order of roast potatoes with my chicken – the grilled chicken with the side salad was just perfect!


The spa has been around for about five years and recently had a revamp adding a salon and other treatments. What I also liked is that they have a mobile spa which is perfect as a treat for a bride and her bridal party or a fun way to kick off a birthday weekend celebration without having to leave your home!

So whether you’re planning a spa day with the girls, some quality time with your man or simply want to get away and be pampered for a day, book a treatment or two at Mmathebedi Spa.

A tranquil setting for a day of relaxation and pampering.

Check out their site and their social media for specials and bookings: 

Facebook: Mmathibedi Eco Spa

Instagram: @mmathibediecospa

Ke Summer Boss!

Heatwave weather is upon us and I thought I’d share my swimsuit finds at Donna Claire as well as some shopping tips to help you be that sun goddess. 

We’ve all read the magazines telling us that we should’ve been working on the bikini bodies all winter long but if like me you’ve been working on those stew and casserole recipes, your summer body probably looks exactly as your winter body! 

I visited Donna Claire after falling in love with a pair of floral shorts that are part of their resort and leisure wear and found myself falling in love over and over again! 


This one-piece has a cool tassel detail in the front which makes it fun and playful. It totally covers the booty and the Aztec print and colour combo is on trend!*

This ombre one-piece is super cute! I love the bold colour combo and that it can be worn 3 ways – halterneck, normal straps or strapless. It also has a bit of ruching detail in the mid section.*

This is my personal fave!! I’m a bikini freak and the cuter the print, the better! This Hibiscus print two-piece is so cute, i paired the top with floral shorts with lace detail and am in love with the look!*


I also put together these 5 tips to help you shop for that bikini to rock at the next pool party or when you hit the beach when the festive season fully kicks in:

1. Wear something simple when you go shopping – I opted for my t-shirt dress and sandals.

2. Choose your best fitting underwear – if you have undies that don’t have a visible panty line, wear those. I wear a bra too – I’m not blessed with perky boobies so I usually wear my bra with the thinnest straps.

3. Accessories, accessories, accessories! If you want to visualise what you’ll look like sipping cocktails at the poolside or the beachfront, rock a few of those accessories to help you see your inner sun goddess! 

4. Keep your options open – prints, solids, bikinis, one-pieces, ombré, tassels, strapless – try them all and mix and match to find the perfect look! Add cover ups, kaftans and shorts to finish off the look. 

5. Have fun and enjoy! Once you find the perfect bikini, have a cocktail or two to put you in the mood! 

Now head on over to the next pool party or the beach and turn heads! 

*Prices start at R199 and there is no piece priced over R500.