Month of Love: Best Friend

It’s not a myth, falling in love with your best friend is the best thing ever.

Think of the fun you have with your girls; how secure and safe their love makes you feel; how they can love you without judgement but will call you out when you’re being foolish. The closeness we share with our friends is a beautiful intimacy and sharing that in a romantic relationship can only be better. 

V (full name Valvin Roane II) is one of the most slept on Neo-Soul R’nB artists and it’s really sad that when his debut album The Revelation Is Now Televised was released in 2006, it hardly made it to the mainstream media. Every one of the 12 tracks (including the Intro) is a favourite of mine! 

Best Friend featuring Kev Brown is a sweet love song that has me smiling through the verses, hook and Kev’s rap thinking how amazing it will be to be my partner’s best friend too. 


Month of Love: Outside

Love doesn’t always work out.

It doesn’t mean you have failed as a person, it doesn’t mean the person you were with is a failure either – to me it just means your time together has reached its end.

When love ends or doesn’t work out, it’s best to walk away amicably (despite the circumstances) and not try to blame game – own your part in its undoing and wish the other person well. 

I’ve always been one for closure but I’ve recently learned that waiting for an apology that’s never going to come or hoping for an explanation that you feel you deserve only wastes your time. 

Accepting the proverbial cards you’ve been dealt in love makes it easier – when you let the pain take its course and allow it time to be, deal and handle – you’ll find the lesson and it can only make you a better lover the next time around. 

I’ve always been a hip hop head but when I started working as a cadet reporter in 2006 I was introduced to rock by my colleague. When I first heard Staind lead vocalist, Aaron Lewis sing the melancholic lyrics of their 2001 single Outside, I thought he’d looked into my heart and wrote exactly how I felt. I asked to listen to the entire album Break The Cycle and it really had me looking at rock differently. I didn’t think rockstars fell in love, never mind that they can get deep into their feels. 

Although I discovered it five years after its release, Outside, came at a time when my then relationship was coming to an end and I needed to not only wallow in the sadness but also be reassured that after some time, I will be ok. 

Month of Love: Born In A Taxi

Blk Sonshine’s Born In A Taxi is a simple song with beautiful lyrics and it makes me every single time it comes on when my playlist is on shuffle. 
Masauko Chimpebere and Neo Munyanga were the duo that brought us this lovely song in the late 90s and early 2000s. 

The song was released in 2002 when I was in my late teens and I had fallen for an artist. He’s a self-taught guitarist and has blossomed to be one of the best in the business. 

There was something special about watching him play – I was of course enamoured and giddy with teenage feelings but I was and still am inspired by what we shared. I’d spend hours with him listening to him learn new songs on his guitar and he’d paint occasionally which was always a pleasure to see. We were young and it’s the simple things that have stayed with me years after we broke up.

Listening to the song is the most beautiful 2:42 minutes you’ll ever spend but if you’re like me it’ll probably be on repeat which means a good 10 minutes will pass and you’ll still be singing along.

It got me thinking about how great it is to find pleasure in the simplicity of love. Just simply enjoying another’s company and basking in their presence like sunshine! 

Month of Love: Love of My Life

1999 was the year The Roots released Things Fall Apart and although The Next Movement was the popular single, my life was never the same when I heard the ode to hip hop featuring Common.

It was a year riddled with uncertainty as it we approached the new millennium, I was 15 and the stresses of being a teen were coming at me in all directions.
 When I first heard Act Too (Love of My Life) I could relate to every line Black Thought and Common recited as they spoke about their love affair with hip hop. 

Although I still listened to other genres of music, there was something so special when I heard my favourite hip hop songs – the music spoke to a different part of me. Hip hop has introduced me to a deeper sense of self – it made me think and question a lot of things around me. It also had me connecting with an array of amazing people simply because of the love of the same beat.

Any hip hop head will tell you that the love for hip hop is like no other – as a genre, movement and subculture; like any genre of music, it brings together people from different walks of life and creates a sense of familiarity based on beats and 8-bars. 

As we welcome February, the month that has come to be associated with love, I’m going to pick a song a day in celebration of the most amazing feeling known to man.

I remember having a conversation with someone about love and he turned and said to me “Love is a lie.” I smiled and despite having been hurt more times than I’d like to remember, I said to him: “Love doesn’t lie and it doesn’t hurt – people do. Love is pure and to me it’s the highest form of existence.”

It sounds a bit out there and unrealistic but I sincerely believe in love. When we give it freely from an honest place and it’s reciprocated – it’s the best thing ever. 

And so for the rest of February I’ll be celebrating love despite it being elusive at times, it’s still the best gift we can give one another.