Last daze of summer 

This time of year always means two things for me: recovering from the International Cape Town Jazz Festival and enjoying the last days of summer.
I’m a Jozi girl through and through but I have to give it to Cape Town – they always seem to have summer last longer than us so I’m always glad to hop on the bus and make my 20 hour pilgrimage to the Mother City.

This year’s trip not only included seeing my favourite Capetonians but I also got a chance to meet some new people including my new favourite photographer, Shanaaz (@shazography_ct).

We made plans to meet up for a photo shoot around the city as an ode to endless Cape Town summers. We had fun shooting and I had a great time putting together looks from FBO Clothing with my favourite accessories from YATO Jewellery, TRU and of course icherryefresh.

I absolutely love this H&M L.O.G.G. maxi I got from FBO Clothing. As soon as put it on, I’m instantly in vaycay mode. I rocked my wig made by my girl from TRU and added my headpiece from YATO Jewellery.

I’ve collected these beaded bangles over the years and love to stack them up. They are definitely my go-to accessories so I always pack them whenever I’m travelling. 

I’m toying around with the idea of getting inked so these stick on tattoos help me get used to the idea of having art on my body. I got mine from Cotton On but most retailers have them in the accessories section. 

This dress is one of my favourite and to quote Shanaaz’s words during the shoot; “it is giving me absolute goddess”.

What I absolutely loved this season is mixing up trends. One of my favourites is the blend of luxury and evening pieces with day wear. 

My sequined H&M LBD is a fun piece, I paired it with my sister’s green H&M dress and because it doesn’t wrap around all the way, I can only wear it as a jacket. 

I’m warming up to the idea of wearing heels and I totally love the socks and heels trend. I found these socks and heels on sale at the Cotton On outlet and I’m looking forward to more of these combos.

I’m all about being extra and this look says exactly that.

My Zuzi earrings are my bestsellers at the moment. They’re a great statement piece and an absolute conversation starter.

Yellow is the colour of my aura and happiness. I’ve been eyeing this headwrap from TRU for the longest time and I finally did the right and bought one. 

My dress (worn as a top) was my party dress for my 30th – I’ve been wearing it as a top lately. I love finding new uses for pieces in my wardrobe. 

Ever since one client bought this combo of Zuzi earrings and the Indoni neckpiece for her graduation, I have fallen in love the idea of wearing them together although they work just as well as separate statement pieces.

My mom’s pleated skirts are some of the best things I picked up from her wardrobe after her passing. I love playing around with them and mixing them up with items in my wardrobe. 

Summer days are fading away by the day but as long as the sun still comes out to play, I’ll keep rocking my summer faves! 


3 thoughts on “Last daze of summer 

    • icherryefresh says:

      Hey girl! Thanks! I think you can check most retailers for the pleated skirts as the trend has settled in this season. If you’re a thrift shopper, then even better – most second hand spots have them in abundance! 😊


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