Fresh and Clean: 10 days to go 

I can’t believe May has flown by so quickly. 

It was only a few posts ago that I had announced that I’ll be using TRU’s Shea Butter, Moringa Infused Serum and African Black Soap and I’ve only got 10 days to go until my 30-day skin challenge is over. 

My first impression of the organic skin products was whether I’d notice any difference with the use of the products. After using an array of skin products over the years to tackle my acne, I wasn’t really sure I would find anything that would not only help clear my skin but would also not leave my skin feeling dry and tight.

The folks over at TRU explained to me that the products aren’t magic potions and my diet plays a major role in helping them work effectively. After my recent chocolate binge post Easter, I was advised to drink plenty of water and cut down on my sugar intake in general. Winter is a difficult time to discipline the diet but I suppose it’s not a challenge if it’s not going to push me out of my comfort zone.   

My favourite of all three products is the Black Soap; apart from loving its earthy smell, I love the way it’s washing my hair – I have an oily scalp and it’s dealing with it quite well with that. I must add that it’s also worked well removing make up (especially eye make up) and so I’ll be stocking up on more before this bar finishes. 

The Moringa Serum made me nervous – with oily skin like mine I found it quite strange to use an oil on my skin. I was reassured that the oil is a great moisturiser for my skin type and I’m happy to report that it feels amazing and doesn’t leave me with a bad shine. 

As I’m no stranger to Shea Butter, it wasn’t hard to convince me on it. TRU’s butter is unrefined so it doesn’t have any additives like essential oils. The smell isn’t what I’m used to – all those exotic fragrances in mixed body butters. It’s a pleasure to put on as it’s soft and easy to spread. 

With only 10 days to go, I’m very to admit that I’m happy to have accepted the challenge. Once May is through, I won’t stop using the products and I hope you’ll join me too. 

I’m giving away a TRU starter pack worth over R200 containing 175g African Black Soap, 120g Unrefined Shea Butter and 50ml Moringa Infused Serum. All you need to do to enter is subscribe to my blog, follow TRU and icherryefresh over on Facebook and Instagram then leave a comment on either platform about why you’d switch over to organic skincare products like the range from TRU and if you’ve already made the switch, let me know why you’re never looking back. The competition will run until the end of May and the winner will be contacted directly.

*Competition is open to followers in South Africa only. 


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