Going organic and not looking back 

May is gone and the TRU 30-day skin challenge is over. 

I must admit I didn’t think I would last the full 30 days. I thought by day 10 I’d be back to my old products and all the organic products would be long forgotten. But I’m happy to report that I stuck with it and I’m glad I did.

During the last few days of the challenge I must admit that the skin around my neck started to feel tight (I used the black soap to wash both my face and neck). I continued to only use the soap on my face and it’s been fine since. I’ve also used the soap to wash my hair and it’s proven to be the best option as it thoroughly cleans my oily scalp. 

I’m pleasantly surprised that the Moringa infused serum has been able to keep my face hydrated as winter set in fully. I’m happy to report that my skin is glowing and not shining and that’s the looking any woman goes for. 

I’m almost out of out the shea butter and will have to restock soon. It’s been a pleasure to use on my body and hair and I suddenly can’t imagine my life without it. 

I’m officially a convert. I always believed that the solution to my glowing skin and strong hair was inside a bottle or tub made in a lab somewhere by folks in white coats. 

My mom would often suggest natural remedies for various ailments and although those worked, I just wasn’t entirely convinced when it came to skin and hair products. 

Here are the 5 lessons I’ve learned from my challenge: 

1. Not all shea butters are equal. The shea butter from TRU is 100% certified organic Nilotic unrefined butter. This means it is creamy, soft and easy to apply onto the skin unlike its western cousin which has been described as hard and waxy.

2. Top to toe is the way to go. I was a happy to find out that I can use TRU’s shea butter on my hair, face and body – this means I don’t have to have 3 separate tubs for moisturising. 

3. Moringa is not a slimming tea. I learned that the Moringa plant is indigenous to many African countries including South Africa. It’s highly rich in vitamins and minerals. TRU has made their serum by infusing grape seed oil with the Moringa powder making it an excellent moisturiser for acne prone skin like mine. 

4. African Black soap is magical. The soap, which originates from West Africa, has a myriad of benefits including anti-aging, evening out of and fading skin discolourations (including acne scars) thus improving skin tone. It is a mild exfoliate with deep cleansing action and has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties; this helps with soothing skin inflammation and irritations.

5. Once you go organic, there’s no turning back. I’m completely sold on TRU’s product range. I will continue with the range and hopefully I will rid my skin of acne, discolouration as well as acne scars. 

This challenge has helped me get into a good skin routine and I’m very happy with that. I hope to continue with TRU’s products and cannot wait to post my selfies when summer comes along. 

TRU’s products are available directly from them via Facebook, TRU: The Pop Up as well as Instagram, @truthepopup and you can also place your orders via WhatsApp on 084 882 6558. They are also available at the following salons in Jozi: Indalo Nubian Naturals, 77 Commisioner Street and Defhairnition Salon, cnr Fereirra and Commisioner Streets. 


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