Doek tutorial 1: Two Toned Knot

When I read that this doek style is for days when you want to express yourself through colour, I knew I had to try it out.

50 Shades of Duku author, Ofentse Tsipa, said that this doek style can be worn as a side knot with the knot placed a little behind the ear. However, you can also rock it as a low bun with the knot placed at the back of the neck. 

I opted to share a tutorial for the option shown in the book – where the knot is placed at the front of the head – for that dramatic effect of course. 

I used my red and yellow Tsonga materials for this doek style as they are my go-to for when I want to stand out without adding more accessories to my look. 

The end result is really beautiful and is a great play on colour just like Ofentse promised. 

1. Start off with your two doeks. As you’ll be layering them, decide which one you’d like to show off as the centre of attention.

2. Place one doek over your entire head, make sure the middle of the doek is at the nape of your neck. Pull the fabric forward. 

3.  I began to twist the first doek slightly to secure it in place. Repeat step 2 with the second doek.

4. To make easier for myself, I began to twist the ends of the two doeks first before twisting them together. 

5. Now begin to twist the ends of the doeks together right until the bottom of the doeks. 

6. Twirl the two-toned twist in a circular motion above your forehead to create the knot. You’ll have to pull the knot a little tight ensure that it is secure and tuck in the ends under the knot to secure. 

Now go out and slay queen! 

Don’t forget to share your headwrap selfies on Instagram and Facebook and tag @icherryefresh, @truthepopup and @50shadesofduku to stand in line to win an amazing hamper worth over R500. 


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