Doek Tutorial 2: Juicy Top Knot 

My first attempt at this doek style was an epic fail. 

So when I decided to celebrate Women’s month with doek styles from 50 Shades of Duku, I definitely had to give the juicy top knot another go. Looking at the final result, I can safely say: I am winning! 

The challenge with this style is securing the ‘bun’ if like me, you have a TWA. Thankfully 50 Shades of Duku author, Ofentse Tsipa, has found a way around this little problem. Have fun with it and don’t forget to tag me, @50shadesofduku and @truthepopup in your doek selfies to stand in line to win our amazing hamper. 

1. Create your bun shape from a pashmina. However, if you’re like me and happen to have crochet braids lying around, make a bun from that. 

2. Secure the bun on the crown of your head. 

3. Use the doek to cover your head and the ‘bun’ from the back of your head and pull the ends forward.

4. Cross the ends over each other and make sure the bun is secure and in place. 

5. Begin twisting each end until taut.

6. Wrap each twist in the opposite direction around the bun and tuck the twists under each other to secure. 

Stay winning! 


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