Issa wedding vibe!

Summer has officially arrived and with it, wedding season has officially kicked in. 

I absolutely love weddings – watching two people in love pledge their lives and hearts to each other – but my other favourite part of the ceremony is the fashion. You can dress up and go all out to showcase your style (within the bride’s limits of course). 

Sadly, my inbox has not seen a single wedding invite this year but with all the wedding outfits all over my social media timelines, I was inspired to create four looks you can rock with the latest addition to my summer range. 

Nkosazana, (princess in isiZulu) is the latest neckpiece to be added to my summer range and is a great addition to any accessories collection. Thanks to a collaboration with crafters of Cape Town based brand, sintusethu – these gorgeous pieces are now available from me. 

I’ve put together a casual and formal look for a traditional dress code as well as a day and night look for a black tie dress code. I’ve always believed in following the invite’s dress code but I always try to slip in a bit of my African flare every chance I get. 

One of my favourite trends this wedding season is that most couples are choosing to celebrate their nuptials with only a traditional affair which means guests don imvunulo (traditional gear) in full effect or like me with a bit of a twist. 

My first of the traditional looks is perfect for the full on traditional wedding with i-step and all. 

The most important part of this look is the shoe as comfort is key when you’re partying all day.

My late mother had a lovely selection of traditional accessories and I was grateful to get a hold of the sandals I’m wearing – perfect for i-step. 

For the more formal setup, I swopped the sandals for a comfy block heel. 

This means I can still enjoy the party and dance the night away.

If all else fails, you can always take them off when the party begins no one will judge.

I don’t believe beadwork and so-called white weddings are mutually exclusive. In my humble opinion, beads belong everywhere. I recently received a black jumpsuit from my friends at FBO Clothing and I’ve discovered it’s quite versatile – with the right accessories, it can transition smoothly from day to evening. 

The first look is for a day wedding – the wedges are fun and edgy but still give you a well put together look. 

I opted for my cowrie shell studs (available as part of my summer range) as they don’t fight for attention with the neckpiece. 

I’ve always been wary of jumpsuits but with the right underwear, they’re a win.


For the evening look, I swopped the wedge for a lace up heel and added a box clutch. 

Like I said, jumpsuits are versatile, with a strapless bra and an adjustment of the sleeves, I’m right on trend with an off-the-shoulder. 

With this look, you’ll definitely get a nod of approval of from the bride and will have no chance of ruining her wedding photos. 

Weddings are fun celebrations of love and the uniting of families. As a wedding guest, it’s also a great place to play around with what you already have in your wardrobe and switch it up with a few accessories. 
**Nkosazana is available in various amazing colour combos for R450.**


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