Echerryesportluxe – Musing around 

I got this Muse sweater at the last Woolies sale I was at.

I fell in love with it from the day I first saw it and waited patiently to get it on sale! I loved the colour and couldn’t get enough of the rose gold lettering and knew it belonged in my wardrobe!

While doing a bit of research on the Sport Luxe trend, I saw that loose fitting sweaters were a definite staple in achieving the look. Paired with either some joggers or a skirt and a pair of heels you could walk into the office and not look too out of place. 

For today’s look, I wore my sweater with a pair of joggers and added my two-tone wedge heel and kept the accessories (which is quite a challenge) to a minimum.

Chilled and chic like a muse!

Get your similar pieces here: 

Sportscene always has amazing on trend casual gear, look for sweaters over here:

Mr Price has some great joggers, Find the perfect pair of here:

Finish the look with these cute on-trend heels from Jet:

As the week progresses I’m more comfortable with balancing a casual style with formal elements to achieve the ultimate Sport Luxe look. 


Echerryesportluxe – Stan Smith easy 

I can’t exactly tell you what my personal style is but I can tell you one thing – I love to play around with different styles. 

This week I thought I’d try out the Sport Luxe look and see if I could pull off this effortlessly cool look for seven days. 

For me the look has a simple silhouette and not so many accessories (which is a challenge for me!!). 


No stacks of bangles!

Today I opted for my grey leggings, my oversized white shirt, my Stan Smiths and a few accessories. 

Exuding all the cool I have.

Shop similar items here:

Oversized shirt – mine is from Donna Claire but you can find one here:

Leggings – got them from Woolies at a sale! Try your luck here:

Kicks – I’m a bargain hunter and for my Stan Smiths at a good price last year for my birthday. If brand loyalty when it comes to sneakers doesn’t phase you, check these out:

The clutch is from Cotton On and they’re currently on sale for a bargain!! They also have some stack rings on sale for all for under R100!! 

I’m looking forward to sharing my looks in the next few days and hope you’ll enjoy them and be inspired to put together your own! 

Oh snap! 

Yesterday I had fun at my first professional photoshoot. I was being shot to be featured in a plus size women’s magazine, Full Figures, which will be launched around Easter.

Seeing the final product made me realise how important it is for the blog to have professional images shot for outfit posts and will definitely look into investing into some more time with a professional photographer. 

This year I look forward to more fun with fashion, putting together outfits, sharing tips on where to shop for clothes that not only fit our curves but also our wallets. And all of this with a good photographer by my side! 


Amacherry Afresh: “uMaria Podesta man!”

“Have you ever heard of Maria McCloy?”
I looked at him with a “Are you for real?” look on my face, let out a giggle and simply said “Oh yes. I’ve heard of her.” 

What he didn’t know is that he was asking this question to the chairperson of the Maria McCloy Appreciation Society. This guy didn’t know that I stayed up every Friday night to watch Bassiq and wouldn’t mind being sleepy on Friday mornings during lectures after watching Siyabonga Ngwekazi on Street Journal the evening before and my Sundays were never complete without Aya Mpama and Soul Sundays. What I wanted to ask is “Why haven’t you ever heard of her?”

Yesterday while driving with my sister, the 2003 hit by H2O “It is wonderful” came on the radio and it took me back to a wonderful time for urban culture and I remembered one of the people who were instrumental to this.

This could have easily been a short Instagram post but it wouldn’t do justice to how much she means to me. Please note as you read this that I’ve only ever spoken to her twice but she’s had such a profound impact on my life that I felt compelled to write something a little more meaningful about her.

She’s one third of Black Rage Productions and along with her partners Kutloano Skosana and Dzino they made urban youth culture more accessible and paved the way for other creatives like me to want to pursue and master their craft. 

As a second year student at the time, I was inspired to learn of this trio of Rhodes University graduates that had started a company that gave birth to and Outrageous Records at a time when I wondered where a journalism degree would take me. Social media wasn’t as prominent then so these weren’t overnight tweelebs who earned their stripes from 140 characters of wit, sarcasm and bitchiness – they worked hard and it showed. 

My admiration for Maria started then as she continued to be prominent in urban youth culture, I was always watching. I was so excited to walk into Burgundy Fly in Rosebank a few years ago and spotted beautiful African print clutches. When I enquired about who made them, the sales consultant told me they’re by Maria McCloy. I knew then that she was taking over the Afro accessories scene; what I didn’t know is that she’d been taking over since her days at Rage!

I’ve watched her brand grow from strength to strength and I’ve been inspired by her more and more everyday. 

As a creative trying to carve her way through this world, I’m encouraged and strengthened knowing that there are women like Maria who’ve travelled the path and have made it!

Maria if you ever read this I’d like to say thank you for mentoring me from far without even knowing it. I salute you for living your truth and by saying in everything you do: “do what you love”.