Fresh finds at FBO

To say it’s been a while would be a huge understatement! I don’t think I even remember my blog login details! Thank goodness for apps – we no longer have to sign in each time!

So I’ve been away but it’s all for good reasons – I’ve been working on my other ventures but I’m back with one of my best finds of the year!!

FBO (Fashion Brand Outlet) Clothing is a gem I discovered thanks to two of my friends asking me why I hadn’t told them about the ‘Zara and H&M outlet’ yet. They thought I was holding out on them meanwhile I had no idea what they were on about. 

Thanks to them I finally made me way there earlier this week and was lucky enough to scoop an invite to their exclusive evening where they revealed their latest stock! 

It wasn’t easy but I finally settled on these looks to share with you guys! 


Navy crop, Zara R179 (retail R399) , Khaki shorts R149 (retail R399), Gold plaforms, H&M R169 (retail R629), bracelet R49, H&M (retail R89)


Lacy Crop, H&M R149*, Khaki shorts R149 (retail R399), Brown suede platforms, H&M R169 (retail R629)


Navy crop, Zara R179 (retail R399), Maxi skirt, Zara R299 (retail R1299), bracelet, H&M R49 (retail R89), Gold platforms, H&M R169 (retail R629)


Short black dress R69 (R199), Gold platforms R169 (R629), Black suede platform with heel detail R169 (R629), bracelet R49 (retail R89), all H&M


Black sequin top R129*, Quilted faux leather skirt R249*, Faux leather shorts R89 (retail R399), Black suede platform with heel detail R169 (retail R629), Black criss cross block heels R169 (retail R629), all H&M


Box top, Zara R179 (retail R399), Navy shorts, Zara R189 (retail R399), White skirt with front button detail, Zara R189 (retail R499), Hat, ZaraR139*, Heels, both H&M, R169 (retail R629)


Navy crop, Zara R179 (retail R399), Floral tapered pants, Zara R209 (retail R899), Brown suede platforms, H&M R169 (retail R629), bracelet, H&M R49 (retail R89)


Strapless peplum, Zara top R109*, Tuxedo pants R169 (retail R699), Silver brogues, H&M R289 (retail R699), all heels, H&M R169 (retail R629)

*retail prices not available 

**Because it’s a an outlet, sizes may be limited and stock is subject to availability.

 Rochelle and her team are situated at 77 Pretoria Road and can’t wait to get you the freshest trends!

Check out their site for more specials.

Facebook and Instagram: FBO Clothing



I’m off to shop… in Boksburg 

It’s highly unlikely that you’d hear these words come out of many fashionistas’ mouth – what many folk don’t know is that, this is changing.

I was lucky enough to be invited to a meet and greet at the newly refurbished East Rand Mall and I must say I’m pleasantly surprised. At some point I thought I was lost as I walked through and spotted Forever New and Burgundy Fly but the mall’s GM, Petra Foord reassured me that I’ve not teleported to the north, I’m still in the east and it’s all real.

“We’ve always seen ourselves first and foremost as a haven for fashionistas and with the revamp, I’m certain they’ll see it as that too,” she explains. 

I live for fashion and bargains and so every time sale season hits I find myself on the Gautrain trekking between Sandton and Tshwane to shop for the latest trends. Thanks to the new and improved East Rand Mall I now have access to over 190 stores at just under 20 minutes. 

I literally found myself strutting as I walked through the new mall just because my normal waddle isn’t going to cut it anymore! What struck me first is that the feel of the mall has certainly moved up a few notches with a more modern feel to the space and the fresh flowers in the bathrooms are such a lovely added extra. 

What I also appreciate is the tenant mix which caters for all budgets so if you want to splurge on that investment piece, there’s a shop for that and when the budget is low, they’ve got you covered too. 

Petra is hushed about what’s coming our way in terms of international fashion brands that are still coming our way – but she promised that the great trek across the R21, N1 and N12 to get to my favourite fashion destinations will be a thing of a past! 

I missed out on the fashion show but here are a few snaps and a link to the video below: 


It’s never too early to plan for that beach holiday!


Some winter wardrobe essentials were on show and the best part: they’re all available in the mall!


What would be better than a pair of cute heels on a platter?

Check out the short video from their recent fashion showcase, I’m hoping they’ll hit me up when they add plus size outfits to the next show! 

Hot Steppin’ into BTTC2016 

Getting dressed for a family reunion can be challenging – you’re tying to impress but you don’t want to be that girl that looks overdressed (then again if you’re me it’s probably the point!)

In a week’s time Mary Fitzgerald Square will be teeming with hip hop heads from the old and the new school as we gather for the 10th annual Back To The City Hip Hop Festival on April 27. 

Apart from losing my mind over the old school emcees on the line up, I can’t stop thinking about what I’ll wear! Seeing as autumn is taking its time and slowly creeping in, I can still rock my summer staples (read crop top hahahaha) and match it up with some autumn elements.

I found these three amazing shoes at Woolies and depending on whether I score a general, VIP or VVIP ticket; my outfit will be complete! 

General – comfortable, edgy and fun!

General – comfort is key! There are no chill zones or couches so you need practical shoes (that walk from the parking area will also see you needing a good pair of walking shoes). I found these leather perforated panel boots and love their smart yet edgy feel with the perforated panel which adds a bit of texture. You’re that cool cousin that everyone misses and can’t wait to see at the family reunion so you better get ready to spend the day catching up. 

VIP – what’s better to rock for the biggest block party than a cute block heel?

VIP – parking is sorted so the walk to the venue will be less strenuous. Like any good VIP ticket, the holder is promised a lounge, a bespoke cash bar ( so no long queues for drinks) and so a block heel isn’t a bad idea. These cuties still have a military feel to them and the block heel guarantees comfort when getting down to Camp Lo’s ‘Lucini’! At this family reunion these say “I’m that little sister you all used to help tie her laces but I’m all grown up now.”

VVIP – with bespoke everything, your shoe has to say BOSS!

VVIP – when the shoe looks this good it doesn’t even need to be a boot! And besides when you’re sipping drinks from the full complimentary bar and canapés while hostesses, bar staff and waitresses are at your beck and call; the shoes need to say “I’m that rich aunt who made it so see me thrive!”

The event promises to be the freshest one yet and I can’t wait to get steppin with family from the old school and show these young ones where this hip hop came from! 

My First Time: Spring Fiesta

It took me a week to recover and so I can finally tell you about it! 

One thing I was told about the Spring Fiesta was that you cannot fully understand what it is until you have the full experience yourself.

You have to be there to fully understand what the energy is like here. (PHOTO: FANIE MTHUPHA).

Thanks to my friend, Nolwazi, the experience would come sooner than I had anticipated and I found myself in the midst of thousands of revellers dancing to house music that took me back to my teens. 

With over 70 acts and seven stages to choose from, we were definitely spoilt for choice and had the opportunity to sample what each stage had to offer. 

Luckily for me, Nolwazi has some cool connections and Ekurhuleni media officer, Nombuso was our guide for the evening taking us from the main Soul Candi Live stage to all the stages where we found ourselves dancing through a musical journey which took us from old school house to some dancehall and reggae, a bit of hip hop and back to the current house jams that have the crowds doing every move from slyza tsotsi to the nae nae. 

Nolwazi and I flank Nombuso as she takes us around the seven stages.

What makes the fiesta enjoyable is that it’s like a musical buffet – you choose what you like and when you no longer like it, you can move on to something else. 




Mafikozolo’s ever so stylish Nhlanhla Nciza gets the crowd going! (PHOTO: FANIE MTHUPHA).


DJ Clock always makes sure that sitting down is not an option. (PHOTO: FANIE MTHUPHA).


My main motivation that got me tagging along apart from great company and sheer curiosity at being at the fifth installment of this annual event was listening to Osunlade play. He drove the crowd insane as he took us back to songs that reminded us why we’re still loyal fans.
Each stage, as we came to learn, offered something different and from what I saw from the crowd this event will see a bigger crowd flocking to Ekurhuleni every year.

It was nothing like I had imagined and I don’t think Nolwazi and I had quite prepared ourselves for what we’d find once we got to Wild Waters and I don’t think it’s an experience we’ll be forgetting anytime soon. 


A selfie before we got dancing the day away!


*Despite the recent tirade by Osunlade on the state of black South Africans, we had a great time. While his rant may have a left me feeling bitter sweet, it still hasn’t changed the love I have for his music.