made with love: soup-er soup!

I love cooking and every once in a while I’d like to share a recipe with you so you can also unleash your inner Siba! 

I love quick, simple but tasty dishes and I don’t think good food should cost you a lot – you can use what you have in your cupboard and still make an Instagram worthy meal!

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In the air and everywhere

Love is in the air and you cannot escape it!! 
Shop fronts are pink and red, heart-shaped everything is everywhere and every second email that hits my inbox is a marketing campaign centred around the chubby naked man child, Cupid. 
Usually when this time of the year rolls in, I find myself rolling solo and although I hide under the covers until February 15, I’ve recently realised there’s nothing wrong with celebrating. Love is a beautiful thing and with the way things are in the world these days, it’s a necessity. 

This month I’ve teamed up with my friends at FBO Clothing to ensure that those of you who have special plans either with the bae or the squad; will look good at a bargain! (and anyone who knows me, knows that despite my love for fashion, it’s the sale racks and bargain bins I can’t stay away from!)

The team and I picked out a few dresses and I put together some date looks that will melt any heart! 




This sheer H&M maxi gave me everything I needed: ruffles, tassels, sheer and movement. Although the dress is sheer, it still exudes chic sexiness. I still feel like I need to be a little taller to completely pull it off but I love it and will continue to find reasons to wear it! 



This short and flirty number is actually a blouse but it seems my height does come in handy after all! I was worried that it would have people asking when my twins were due but the fit was perfect! I love the way the dress moves and the lacy detail is what makes this dress a winner! 


This halter neck dress is so much fun! Not all Valentine’s outings are going to be the formal dinner date; you may find yourself at a picnic and you have to look cute scoffing down those heart-shaped sarmies and bubbly! 
Whether you’re single, taken or somewhere inbetween, enjoy the day and celebrate love – FBO Clothing has a dress for that and every occasion. 

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Images by Clyde Meela. Shot on location at Dries Niemand Park, Kempton Park